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We’re changing the way energy companies run their business with the world’s only fully digital Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform and end-to-end managed services for gas and power suppliers, meter agents, and energy broker / third-party intermediaries (TPIs).

It’s simple, because we run it for you, removing risks, and significantly lowering your costs.

You focus on customer service and sales

Enpaas powers your business

You enjoy lower costs, no risks, and higher profits.

Streamline your operations to savings and new revenue.

Gas and electricity supply is a competitive business with rigorous and costly processes. Until now, suppliers have had no choice but to rely on outdated software and manual tasks which have put increased pressure on running the business, taking time away from selling and driving revenue. Bring down costs and increase profits through Enpaas managed services and cloud applications. Replace resource-intensive, error-prone, costly practices with automated and accurate processes, such as invoice validation, tariff research, and consumption management.

Enpaas clients can save up to 75% on Meter Management alone, not including staff and infrastructure costs, which costs hundreds-of-thousands more.

Managed Services

Cutting expenses through innovation and expertise

Our managed-services team uses our suite of intelligent Enpaas tools developed specifically for the energy industry to manage your day-to-day operations. A team of industry experts is assigned to manage your complete service and deliver a low-cost-to-serve solution. Enpaas covers everything from quotation to billing and is ISO-certified. SaaS and cloud technology with managed services deliver an enhanced end-user experience, robust process delivery, and cost-efficiency.

Intelligent tool kits and process automation

We rely on dozens of Enpaas monitoring, transactional, and workflow tools to manage some of the largest gas and power organizations. Digitally transform your supply, metering, and TPI / broker operation with our quick-to-deploy cloud applications. Our modular approach to solving pain points allows you to keep existing applications that work, and replace or add Enpaas solutions where you have functional deficiencies. Our secure and scalable applications seamlessly integrate and co-exist with yours.

Enpaas Applications


Meter asset management and back-office made easy

Enpaas delivers complete SMICoP compliant back-office applications to empower meter operators (MOPs) and meter asset managers (MAMs). Efficiently manage your resources, activities, physical meters, smart meter data flows, and customer service. Track appointments, contracts, assets, forecasting, invoices, and more. Collect data offline and connect and refresh it online with mobile tools and anywhere-access in the field.

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SaaS cloud ensures you’re relying on the latest tech

SaaS delivery and cloud infrastructure deliver advantages over older on-premise software. It’s the preferred technology in every industry and a first in gas and power markets that have been slow to catch up. SaaS cloud delivers a more scalable, automated infrastructure that’s quick to deploy, and requires no hardware, software, resources, or capital expenditure budgets. With the Enpaas SaaS Cloud Platform, your tech is always up-to-date.

The many benefits of the Enpaas SaaS cloud platform


Business Continuity

Industry Expertise

Lower Costs

Fast Implementations

ISO 27001 Compliant



Why Enpaas?

Enpaas delivers the most complete suite of domestic and business energy supplier capabilities available and makes complex challenges and workflows simple like no other vendor can. While other energy companies continue their slow adoption of digital transformation, your business takes off with Enpaas.

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As your costs go down, your sales and profits increase.

With Enpaas SaaS cloud applications and managed services watch your business grow through digital, seamless solutions that speed up and automate processes.

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