Converting your metering operation into a profitable business center.

Enpaas Managed Services for Metering

Your dedicated Enpaas team relies on the Enpaas SaaS cloud platform of SMICoP compliant back-office, mobile, and asset-tracking applications to manage your metering business. Our business scales to your needs converting your metering operation into a profitable business center.

Cut expenses, and grow faster

Enpaas manages all back-office operations for MAP, MOP, and MAM such as managing engineer appointments, deployment reports, contract management, inventory, and asset tracking, ordering, forecasting, invoicing, and more.

Ensure your meters are accurate, it’s your legal obligation.

According to government statistics, faulty meters are an issue among the UK’s 53 million gas and electric meters:

  • 24% of the 21,243 gas meters tested since 2006 were faulty.
  • 7% of the 2,345 electricity meters tested since 2003 were faulty, installed incorrectly, or not an approved type.
  • These numbers only include those tested due to being reported to have a problem. The numbers are projected to be much higher.

Enpaas ensures your meters are in excellent working condition.

Source: investigation, surveys, and 2019 UK Gov. statistics

Simple, affordable metering solutions drive profits.