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Enpaas Applications

Bring down costs and increase profits through Enpaas end-to-end supplier solutions. The Enpaas managed-services team quickly deploys and runs your supplier platform of selected applications and support functions remotely and securely from the cloud to improve the efficiency of your organization through automating your most critical business workflows and tasks. If we trust Enpaas applications as the backbone of our managed-services program for our clients of all sizes, you can trust it will power your business, too.

Secure, Scalable, End-to-End Platform – Modular Applications

An industry messaging tool for sending and receiving data flows.

Simple adaptor aids faster switching and complies with OFGEM's process.

A full-fledged, high-tech, modern CRM system specifically designed and customised for energy suppliers. The tool helps to automate customer operations enabling low cost to serve.

A comprehensive meter management tool tracks physical meters for replacements, fault repairs, and meter-reads for accuracy.

A highly customizable billing system for generating invoices and managing payments for domestic and business customers with hierarchy, groups, flexi contracts, bespoke HH data, and more.

A robust accounting tool for aging reports, management accounts, profit and loss (P&L), balance sheets, cash flow, forecast financial model, supplier payments, and more.

Real-time transparency and management tool for managing customer debt. 

A customer portal provides access to consumption analytics, multi-site management tools, text alerts, and more.

Tools for high-end SME and I&C customers of energy suppliers with advanced features like capacity reports, EDI reports, HH data visualization, and a hierarchy of portfolios.

Tool for data visualisation and complete visibility of energy-related data. It shows when, where and how energy is utilised across single or multiple sites.

Sales pipeline and process monitoring tool includes quotations, sales onboarding, sales commissions, and more.

A free tool for the industry to distribute their bills with backing data for suppliers and broadcast any important communication or industry changes. This tool also allows DNOs to share available capacity of HH CT meters with suppliers. This tool can be used free of cost by MOPs, MAPs, DC, DA, DNOs, LCCCC, NG, Elexon, Ofgem etc. to publish their bills, broadcast messages and by Suppliers to easily download all their bills, receive important communication and see history of available capacity changes from one single portal.


As a paid service, Suppliers can automatically get their bills received from industry validated and convert them into a format that can be easily imported into their accounting system directly without any manual intervention.

Fully integrated demand forecast module with Electralink’s data insights and transfer solutions.

Automated end-to-end trade execution based on best price and product optimisation using machine language and algorithms.

A tool for suppliers with gas shipping licenses that helps to manage shipper-related activities including all data flow management with XOSERVE.

A simple tool for pricing, quotations, and setting up flexible components for fixed and pass-through contracts.

Supplier compliance tool to aid in meeting industry and license standards using features like monthly reminders, built-in risk register, ombudsman system, and central document management system.

Tool assists suppliers with industry audits under the BSC, REC, and SEC like CIO audits.

Remove complexity, risks and lower your costs significantly and let us manage your business.

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