Enpaas offers the end-to-end meter point management service for energy suppliers.  With this service, Enpaas takes away all the risk and business complexity so that suppliers can focus on their sales and core business.

Enpaas’ automated tools combined with the expert managed services team provides cost effective solution for meter management along with exceptions management and resolution within industry SLAs.

The suppliers will have a dashboard to monitor the service and view status of all their processes.  The service will include:

  • Quotations and Pricing based on Pricing Matrix
  • Contract Management
  • Registration, Fit to Bill and Customer Switching including Faster Switching
  • Industry messaging and data flows management
  • Data Collection and Industry Settlements
  • Demand Forecast
  • Physical Meter Management like meter replacements, fault repairs etc.
  • Loss and Objections Management
  • Invoicing / Billing and payment management
  • Level 2 and 3 Support for customers (Level 1 support to be provided by the supplier)

Enpaas’ dedicated and expert team will:

  • Ensure successful completion of industry processes, send/receive data flows and manage any exceptions to comply with industry standards and license condition compliance for suppliers. The service ensures processes like registration, loss and objection management, fit to bill, industry settlements, faster switching etc. are fully managed by us on behalf of the suppliers
  • Chase the data flows and manage them for resolution when they are not on a happy path.
  • Ensure data collection and data availability for billing from metering agents or the customers
  • Handle all physical meter management like meter replacements, fault repairs etc. and also coordinate with MOPs to enable smart meter rollout
  • Generate and verify invoices, payments and ensure all customers are billed on a regular basis within industry SLAs. Our team will also create manual bills if needed for any nuances and will also audit regularly that all customers are billed correctly on time

In addition, there are also following services available for suppliers:

Compliance ServiceOur expert ex OFGEM consultant with many years of compliance experience will provide consultancy to suppliers to ensure they are compliant with all industry and license standards and help suppliers to structure industry compliant processes to ensure TCS (Treating Customers Fairly).  Suppliers can focus on selling energy and our expert team will manage all compliance requirements for the business
Audit ServiceOur expert ex OFGEM consultant with many years of auditing experience will support suppliers to actually fully prepare and pass the industry audits successfully using our automated tools
Gas Shipper Service for Suppliers with Shipping LicenseOur expert team will run and manage all gas shipper related activities including data flow management, imbalance management in line with OFGEM requirements
Bill Validation ServiceOur dedicated team on behalf of suppliers will validate industry bills, report reasons for any bill validation failure, chase and get bills corrected and create a format which can be imported into supplier’s accounting system directly without any manual intervention for further processing

The end to end meter management service allows energy suppliers to save on hardware, software and people cost to increase profitability and reduce complexity in their business.

Pozitive Energy as a supplier has used Enpaas’ Managed Services and saved almost 64% costs.  Enpaas’ technology and managed services has helped Pozitive Energy to be fastest growing energy supplier with very high renewal rate, high profitability and 0 non-conformities in all industry audits for many years in a row.

About Enpaas

Enpaas is transforming the way energy companies run their businesses. Their digital, seamless offerings speed up and automate processes providing them with lower overheads. This is achieved through a unique blend of technology, managed services, and a client-focused experience. Enpaas delivers a suite of end-to-end, modular web applications for energy suppliers, traders, meter operators and third-party intermediaries (TPIs). What makes it unparalleled is its advanced SaaS cloud platform which was built by experienced energy experts with vast industry knowledge. It truly is a game changer!

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